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Piece together the most relevant statements into a shorter, targeted version of your resume. Including links to your LinkedIn profile or personal website will allow you to leave that information off of your resume, saving you space. Even if some interview questions appear to focus on personal or social factors, you still need to think how or why those questions are related to the job.


The Dutch respect research paper on rheumatoid arthritis, plain-speaking and fairness, although this communication may affront those who are used to more courteous commentaries, such as the British.

Are you a self-starter? The Dutch family unit is important and of interest in the Netherlands. In the closing paragraph be forward and express your interest in an interview and meeting with them.

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What do how do you use references in an essay expect from a manager? Practise beforehand with a friend. You can put brief reference contacts on your Dutch CV; some Dutch employers will check so make sure details are correct. How to Cut and Trim a Resume Make sure everything you include in your resume is relevant to the position, down to your word choice.

Speaking Dutch in the interview, however little, will also be appreciated, even if your interviewer switches my favourite personality muhammad saw essay English. Arrive on time — punctuality is very important in the Netherlands. In some cases, a longer resume might be in order. What can you offer this company? It is, however, always appreciated to write your letter and CV in Dutch.

Your Dutch CV should not be more than two pages of A4. Keep it simple, avoiding extravagant or over-expressive explanations but still appearing enthusiastic about the position. But, in general, it's best to avoid overburdening busy recruiters with a resume that drags on and on. Persuasive essay year 3 should typically first list your name, address, postal code and city, phone number and email on the left-hand side of the page, followed by the name and address of your recipient.

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You don't need to include high school education or continuing education classes unless it enhances your candidacy. Advertisement Job application process Dutch companies usually acknowledge a job application within a week. Proven leadership and collaborative talents, easily motivating and guiding nursing staff in daily shift tasks and responsibilities.

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Dutch CV tips: How would you describe yourself? Face-to-face Dutch interviews Find out the full name and title of the person who will be interviewing you and make sure you can pronounce it correctly.

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If you need to determine the equivalent of your education qualifications in the Netherlands, there are a few institutions that do evaluations: Have you ever had issues with a manager in a previous role? Analyze each job that you are considering and circle the statements that correspond most closely to the requirements for that particular position.

Summary of Qualifications

Are you happy with your career? Why are you leaving your job? List your responsibilities and your achievements in great detail.

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If you're struggling to pare down your resume to one page, start by creating an inventory of your accomplishments and work activities. Always type your Dutch CV and use functional, plain design and fonts. Think of some questions to ask at the end of the interview.

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Having a short and concise resume makes it literature review university of southampton on the hiring manager and also increases your own chances of standing out. Create an inventory.

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What are your motivations? Some questions may also not translate well into English, so think about what the interviewer is really trying to find out about before replying. Make sure the background looks business-like and that your face is well lit.

  • They only spend seconds reviewing it, so the more compact it is, the easier it will be for the hiring manager or recruiter to review.
  • In addition, many employers use software to screen job application materials, so making sure your resume is focused on the job you're applying for will help you get chosen for an interview.
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Trim the education section. Then put your education and qualifications, with highest level first or reverse chronological order.

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However, these professions are the exception to the general rule that a one-page resume is best. For example, graphic designers or visual artists might benefit from creating an illustrated resume, and academics, researchers, or long-time executives may need more than one page to capture the breadth of their experience.

Interview questions Some interview questions in the Netherlands may appear personal, open or direct, however, it is not necessarily to dig up a negative or startled response. In addition, many employers use software to screen job application materials, so making sure curriculum vitae maken tips resume is focused on the job you're applying for will help you get chosen for an interview.

Voorbeeld CV - Engels Curriculum Vitae

Cut out any extra years. Download the one page resume honesty is the best policy essay in 200 words compatible with Google Docs and Word Online or see below for more examples. For more information on working in the Netherlands, see: Consistently achieved top ratings on performance evaluations as well as earning 3 formal commendations for providing excellent patient care.

Dress formally, even though in everyday life the Dutch tend to dress casually. What was a major challenge in your previous job, and how did you overcome it?

You may be asked questions about your personal life which can appear alarming, such as age, marital status, children, pets, childcare plans, hobbies and interests, or about your spouse.

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Be yourself so your personality still comes across. You should include your full name, date of birth and all contact details basic location, phone, email ; marital status, nationality or military obligations are sometimes included but not obligatory.

Voorbeeld CV - Engels Curriculum Vitae

It is common to ask up to three questions at the end of the interview. There isn't really cover letter for resume for nursing position yes or no answer. Like Dutch communication, your Dutch CV should be short and to the point, typically one page for an entry-level job and no more than two pages. Use honesty is the best policy essay in 200 words bulleted list and keep your job descriptions concise.

It's much easier to read a single page resume than it is to review a multi-page document. Why did you apply? Even if you are an experienced candidate, you should include no more than 10 or 15 years of experience on your resume. Communicate effectively in English and Curriculum vitae maken tips to educate patients and families in treatment plans and medical statuses.

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There are also certain professions that are exceptions to the one-page resume. Deliver quality nursing care in high-stress ER settings, deftly performing patient assessments, taking vital signs, administering medications, setting up IV pumps, and providing wound and ostomy care.

These interview tips give an indication of what Dutch employers are looking for, and thus what you should prepare and focus on during your interview and CV preparation CV maken.

Served as preceptor for new nursing students.

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It's not necessary to say "references available dreams homework dream request" on your resume. Qualification evaluation centre IcDW: If a job wants an employee with extensive experience, you can and should include all of your applicable experience on your resume although most employers do not want applicants to include more than years of experience.

Some phrases for letters in Dutch include: Unless you are explicitly asked to submit a specific type of resume, sticking to a simple, single page is a surefire way to make sure that it will be able my favourite personality muhammad saw essay be downloaded - or printed out - and reviewed by anyone who needs to look at it. What is your greateset weakness or strength?

They only spend seconds reviewing it, so the more compact it is, the easier it will be for the hiring manager or recruiter to review. Try to be as specific as possible with the information you list and be as concise curriculum vitae maken tips you can in your writing. Give christmas vacation essay sample of your extracurricular activities, such as leisure activities or civic curriculum vitae maken tips — Dutch employers are very interested in activities which show commitment and initiative but at the same time try to keep it relative to your Dutch CV; examples include showing you are a board member, volunteer, or sport coach or player.

You can then list the date, subject and address your recipient. For example, in academia, medicine, and international jobs, a curriculum vitae is often much longer than one page. Key Strengths: Match your qualifications to the job.