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The agricultural production determines the overall environmental impacts of meat products. The environmental profiles of novel wheat based foam materials were investigated in this thesis using Life Cycle Assessment LCA methods. These were land preparation, plantation management, harvesting, and land restoration.


ABSTRACT Project Overview This award supports doctoral dissertation research focuses on the politics of deciding what sustainability means in renewable energy systems, particularly solar and wind energy. Case studies of infant birth procedures and hysterectomies at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC show that production and disposal of single-use materials and devices doctoral thesis font size well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems have the highest environmental loading within the OR.

Roland W. The others were long rotation and irrigation with wastewater from a treatment facility Site 3 or irrigation with landfill leachate Site 4. SimaPro v.

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This research discusses two N2O modelling approaches and presents a method to expand the system boundary by integrating the process-oriented model DNDC for field emissions into the LCA. Two management conditions were short rotation and no irrigation Site 1 or irrigation with river water Site 2.

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Plantation management and harvesting had the greatest contributions to environmental impacts due to fuel consumption. Download 5MB Preview Abstract This dissertation quantifies and analyzes the environmental and human health impacts associated with healthcare through assessment of the physical built environment of a hospital as well as the processes and procedures conducted within the building.

This work shows that sustainability engineering tools help assess the effects of green design considerations in whole hospital performance and can identify areas of high environmental loading in the operating room OR. Nevertheless, the most important conclusions drawn in this research work are a sample argument essay valid.

Utilization of chemicals during land preparation and land restoration were also important contributors. Issue Date: Healthcare, especially in the United States, seeks to reduce cost and improve human health in part by reducing waste and improving building design and operational practices.

Vasquez Sandoval, Marcia A. The results suggested that this group of starch-PVOH blended biopolymers offer environmentally superior options to LDPE in doctoral thesis font size packaging applications.

This and other contributions to the field of Evidence-Based Design inform future design decisions which optimize hospital energy use and maximize positive patient outcomes and staff satisfaction.


This has led to an increase in confidence in the LCA findings. Who hasn't been standing once in front of the supermarket shelf and asked herself if the organic carrots from Italy or the cauliflower from her own country is the most ecological choice for the next meal, and then, finally, has lca dissertation to lca dissertation the delicious asparagus from the USA.

The hysterectomy study, in particular, pointed to upstream material manufacturing as an area for large environmental improvements in healthcare facilities. Chemical use, such as applying pesticides and herbicides, strongly affected ozone depletion and eutrophication while fuel consumption, such as diesel use, had strong effects on global warming, smog and acidification.

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A comparative longitudinal assessment showed the hospital performance impacts of green, holistic hospital design. The extent of environmental impacts of food consumption depends on various factors. A hardcopy of this thesis pages is available for EUR Most of the decision parameters might have an influence on the overall impacts of a vegetable product.

Short rotations resulted in lower global warming potential A summary of this work has been published as an article in the Int.

Contribution analysis suggested that the emissions evolved from the wheat agro-ecosystem and PVOH research paper on abortion pdf, together with the energy and infrastructure involved in WBF production were the major contributors to the environmental burdens of the WBF life cycle in most impact categories. At the same time it indicates the areas where improvements in data or methods are needed in order for robust conclusions to be drawn and unbiased curriculum vitae for nurses freshers to be delivered e.

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Sensitivity analysis suggests that the environmental profiles of agricultural products are influenced substantially lca dissertation the system boundary definition.

He will also develop two case studies of solar and wind project development in California? Further exploration of potential biopolymer foam materials was undertaken by study of two additional foams derived from potato and maize starches. Lca dissertation yield for future harvests was estimated using the 3-PG model.

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Greenhouse production and products transported by airplane cause the highest environmental impact. This research established process and hybrid life cycle assessment LCA frameworks to assess hospital operating room procedures.

Questionnaires were used to obtain operating data for the production of cuttings and four processes in each site. ScholzProf. These were land preparation, plantation management, harvesting, and land restoration. It will map the connections between professional requirements for tok essay and conceptualization of sustainability as they reflect a spectrum of normative worldviews that increasingly challenge American engineering.

We can also offer you to calculate up-to-date results for several LCIA indicators. A modular LCA approach was architecture job cover letter sample to model the impacts of the consumers' decisions.

Higher planting density resulted in greater water consumption and electricity use due to irrigation when cuttings are produced. Olivier Jolliet, Dr. Finally, it prompts reflection on the broader question: Olaf Tietje Niels Jungbluth: The total impacts for purchased vegetable or meat products might vary by a factor of nine or argumentative essay pt3 respectively. Broader Impacts The results of this study will be disseminated broadly through publications in leading STS, engineering, and energy policy journals and through presentations in multi and interdisciplinary conferences.

A hierarchy of critical parameters for LCA-based decision-making on WBFs is suggested as a general outcome of this research. It could be shown that the environmental impacts of purchases by different consumer subgroups vary. Please report errors in award information by writing to: Laboratory research was conducted to obtain important missing data on WBFs for the LCA modelling, including physico-chemical parameters, biodegradability and energy recovery under anaerobic digestion conditions.

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Who is a green engineer? SimaProGabi or Umberto. A summary of the book, pdf-format. The atmospheric emissions resulting from WBF degradation at the end-of-life also emerged as another important contributor to environmental impact. A Monte Carlo assessment of the hysterectomy LCA showed ranges of environmental impacts based on variability of OR procedures and uncertainty in impact assessment methods.

It is not easy lca dissertation consumers or even for experts to account for these impacts. Increasing biomass yield reduces impacts. It aims to understand how assumptions about the environmental and societal benefits of solar and wind energy are built into sustainability best practices and policies. This study also evaluated the sensitivity of the LCA results to methodology and data variations and quantified the uncertainties in the LCA outcomes arising from uncertainty in the inventory and data variability.

While the extraction of fossil fuels and the subsequent generation of energy have environmental impacts, the alternative of extracting poplar biomass also has impacts requirements for tok essay to electricity for irrigation, fuels for machinery, chemical application, and water lca dissertation.

The PI plans to partner with federal, state, and local agencies to analyze his results in formats useful to policy makers.

Through reports and publications, the data generated by lca dissertation study will be made available in a timely manner to STS, engineering and policy researchers.

The increased proportion of hydroelectricity in the PNW results a reduction in almost all impact categories compared to the typical electricity mix for the Western U.

This was mainly due to diesel use during plantation management. This simplified method allows investigating the ecological tradeoffs among different decision parameters such as assessing a biological product from the Netherlands vs. Separate LCA's were calculated to assess various aspects of the consumers' choices, e. Site 2 had the lowest environmental impacts compared to the other sites due to a low planting density, no on-site irrigation, and low chemical and energy consumption.

The agricultural production determines the overall environmental impacts of meat products. Different hints for consumers were ranked, according to the variation of average impacts, due to a marginal change of consumption patterns.

The thesis PDF-format, 3. This book is of interest for all people working on the ecological assessment of food products, those dealing with the environmental impacts of consumption patterns or the decision making situation of consumers. This research provides the opportunity for environmental impacts to be considered when making decisions for plantation management.

It will explore the politics of how and why LCAs have become more dominant in defining sustainability, and it will explore the potential for different views of LCA to be advanced by communities, regulators, activists-engineers, and NGOs.

Spiral: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Light-weight Eco-composites

The goal of this research work was to assist consumers in considering environmental aspects. When the electricity was all from biomass, ozone depletion, smog and eutrophication increased. The environmental profiles of novel wheat based foam materials were investigated in this thesis using Life Cycle Assessment LCA methods.

The LCAs were developed using primary data collected from industrial sources combined with new laboratory experiments supplemented with secondary data from publicly available sources.

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Thus, I do research paper on abortion pdf provide anymore the partly outdated annexe mentioned in this research work. All datasets of the Ph. The PI will provide a broad conceptual analysis of "sustainability engineering" in the US that aims to understand its epistemological and political roots. Resource Type. Based on these results, he will create an interdisciplinary, internet-run project, aimed at improving the comprehension of sustainability from an engineering perspective.