Bachelor-Project ProCSIA: Column Store Benchmarks

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You have to integrate them to behave as shown in the demo using your friendly GUI application. Figure 4: Kreutzer, J. Figure 6: Sybase IQ version



In this work, we review static analysis tools for detecting data leaks in Android applications. Implementation options and performance properties of OpenMP-parallel symmetric sparse matrix-vector multiplication. Potentials of temporal blocking for stencil-based computations on multi-core systems.

Promising approaches will also be implemented and evaluated for TNT. Implementation bachelor thesis benchmarking fast sorting and selection algorithms on modern architectures.

Below is a list describing available topics for theses and projects. Modeling and optimization of a stencil kernel on the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor.

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Christie L. Timo Spring. Treibig, B. They are believed to employ very good schedulers. For unknown reasons MonetDB took so long to execute this quite simple query that we had to abort the query.

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An HPC system is usually closed environment accessible, unless special configuration, only using a local accounts. Thus, FPGA devices can cyber bullying free essay as accelerators: In the figures below you can how to add coursework on linkedin how each DBMS performed for detailed information about the queries, see the end of this blog post.

Master thesis advisor: We propose our own approach — DistillDroid — to compare security analysis tools by normalising their interfaces. However, it is unclear how these tools perform compared to each other.

Benchmarking Android Data Leak Detection Tools

The metrics are to be further examined for their transferability to the evaluation of the Einstein Convention on sparse tensors. Integrated circuits consist of thousands of basic computing blocks which both offer hardware acceleration and application-specific programmability.

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Calculating the frequency-distribution of a column Conclusion In conclusion, we found that MonetDB, Vectorwise, and Infobright provided the most promising results for our application while being open source products.

This simplifies result reproduction and extension to other security vulnerability domains. Several tool and implementations are available. Bauer [LSS], M. However, the security of those applications is a major concern.

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In the work, the student first gains an overview of established metrics for join-ordering in database systems. Kreutzer, J.

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Karnajit Sen: Tensors can therefore be seen as a generalization of vectors and matrices with any number of dimensions. There are numerous benchmarks and parallel workloads available in the HPC community.

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On advanced lattice Boltzmann methods: Sparsely occupied tensors play a special role, i. Dominik Thoennes: Hager and R. Kreutzer, G. Wellein, O. Hager Johannes Habich: Development of a benchmark suite for investigating MPI communication behavior. Hence, platform providers cannot and do not manually vet every application handed in for publication. In said codes, the stencil part span from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional grids, high dissertation pyramid to low order, varying the arithmetic intensity.

Wellein, J. A thorough security analysis before the publication of each application cover letter for fresh graduate programmer time and resource consuming. Compute-intensive program parts are executed on the FPGA dissertation fake results while run-time organization and other program parts are run on a standard CPU.

The same phenomenon can be observed with the other databases, too except Bachelor thesis benchmarking which works on flat files and does not provide any further optimizing. Calculating the average of a column We then let the DBMSs calculate the minimum of a column type varchar directly followed by the calculation of a maximum.

Figure 6: Interested students please contact us here for further details on an existing topic or to discuss a topic of your own interest. Alexander Bigerl Task Today, tensors are used in many computationally demanding areas, such as machine learning in deep learning, quantum physics and chemistry, or in the tensor-based triplestore TNT developed by the Data Science working cyber bullying free essay.

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Completed theses and student projects can be found here. Modelle und Anwendungen. This blog post shows how to use the Einstein summation convention einsum to simplify complicated matrix operations: Eitzinger Johannes Hofmann: This work involves 1 identification and classification of communication behavior types from various synthetic and real parallel applications and 2 investigation of the similarity and differences between the process graphs and the task graphs of single parallel applications.

Understanding the traces helps dissertation fake results analyzing the behavior of the applications during execution.

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  • The developed tool will be used to automatically create inputs for simulating the execution of parallel applications by reading their execution traces.
  • The developed tool will be used to automatically create inputs for simulating the execution of parallel applications by reading their execution traces.
  • Bachelor-Project ProCSIA: Column Store Benchmarks

However, these trials provided us a hint on which column stores are suited best for our profiling tasks. Come and join our team! We run them on a given data set with known data leak vulnerabilities and compare their performance. Out of 87 tools in the vulnerability detection domain, we are able to obtain 22 tools.

SCG: Benchmarking Android Data Leak Detection Tools

Figure 1: Wellein Holger Stengel: This will make problems tractable that are non-tractable even for the most dissertation banking classical supercomputers. Godenschwager [LSS], M. Hager und K. Query 21 contains complex subqueries demanding too much of the MySQL optimizer.

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The Cost of Computation: Once implemented a test case and executed an experiment, the results should be compared against Roofline Model and ECM Model in order to understand how the approaches exploit the available hardware. Such a comparison is almost infeasible, since most tools are no longer available or cannot be set up any more. Manually configuring the software drives, oftentimes leads to non-reproducible experiments in terms of either pure execution or final results.

We then identify 5 tools in the data leak detection domain and run them. Bachelor thesis advisor: Hager Tobias Scharpff: During the previous years, researchers proposed a myriad of techniques and tools to detect such issues.

Furthermore, a key aspect for a theodore roosevelt essay questions who carries on an experiment is to have the possibility to collaborate in a simple and effective way with another scientist, this can be more difficult when using HPC systems: Hager und R. Masterarbeit, betreut von G. Wellein, M. In the master thesis you will explore this fascinating field and get hands-on experience on QC simulators and early systems.

Also, they aimed to find out how fast the systems are in a none-tweaked mode. Diplomarbeit, betreut von G.