Schizophrenia Case Study | Olanzapine | Schizophrenia

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Clozapine Clozaril Taking additional medications increases adverse effects and other problems. My name is Bob! The nurse understands that a client with schizophrenia will experience which benefit from fluphenazine decanoate Prolixin if it is administered intramuscularly?


Schizophrenia Case Study | Olanzapine | Schizophrenia

A 2 weeks. This worry has been troubling her for the past 8 months. Clozapine Clozaril Suitability of problem solving actions nurse understands that an atypical antipsychotic like olanzapine Zyprexa requires what period of time to reach a steady state?

B "Tell me about the relationship with your father. D Discuss other ways to manage symptoms.

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A Avoid certain situations. The nurse understands that a client with schizophrenia will experience which benefit from fluphenazine decanoate Prolixin if it is administered intramuscularly? D Screening for tardive dyskinesia.

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Rapid speech is characteristic of flight of ideas. She has since been transferred back to the inpatient psychiatry service for continued treatment of her psychosis.

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Relapse is likely to occur whether the client is taking medications or not. During reassessment of the client, the nurse notices that Bob sometimes pauses and mumbles something quietly to himself.

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The discharge plan is to dismiss the client in 1 week. The nurse should request a prescription for Cogentin. A Establish rapport and trust.

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D Thought broadcasting. Which finding depicts negative symptoms of schizophrenia? B Less incidence of weight gain. The client is sitting alone without peer interaction and does not exhibit confusion. When the nurse asks him about plans for discharge. Structured medication group B Maintain long-term research paper diabetes type 1 compliance.

Which nursing problem should be included on the treatment plan? B Rapid and disorganized speech. Difficulty sitting still is not a negative symptom and may be related to akathisia.

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D "It allows you to increase your medications immediately. C Lack of community support. After the client has identified problem symptoms.

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Studies flashcards from drumrswife. Disorganized speech is characteristic of both psychosis and schizophrenia. B Maintain long-term medication compliance. One week later Bob has achieved the long-term goal to be free of delusions. D Potential danger to self or others.

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The patient displayed behavior deficiencies in Schizophrenia case study quizlet to compliance to prescribed treatment regimens, and involvement in situations that could produce high level stressors in her life. The beginning of trust is more readily established through nonverbal communication when clients have cognitive disorders and difficulty processing language.

He denies having any thoughts of hurting himself or others. Bob has demonstrated less energy and states that he feels "really bad and pretty down.

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A Coordinate services for Bob. Because of her apparent developmental disabilities, her parents devoted time to the patient however, the patient did receive criticism from her father for her behavioral dysfunctions.

His parents have tried to get him to go with them to a psychiatrist for an evaluation, but he refuses.

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