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As a result, it might be strong reason, being a student who has his own job is not good idea.

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Hobbies also tighten the family relationship. Nowadays, there are a lot of students doing part-time job. If students work in evening, they are going to be tried the next day. If they are getting carried away, they will be one of them who are making troubles to the society such as vandalism. Alternatively, you can check out the list of scholarships offered in Malaysia.

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Cons One of the down sides to working part-time is that it takes up time. Finally, doing part time job can be so exhausting. It causes their grades fall down badly and leads to depression. They have not a good time to do pleasure things in their teens, and they often have not time off to go on vacation.

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Effect Students will learn about the friendship as well that comes from teamwork, which will then develop to a team spirit. However, having a job is a big responsibility for a student. On the other hand, other people take the opposite view and say that taking part-time jobs during study in university can be benefical for the students, But Restaurant business plan profit and loss pesonally agree with this statement that students students should not work part time argumentative essay not take part-time job while they are studying in universities.

I think high school is not a good time for student to choose to have a part-time job.

should high school student work part-time? Essay Example for Free - Sample words

While boys tend to spend on buying new motorbikes and other accessories that waste a lot of money. In sum, because of the time-consuming, the low income and being tedious, taking part-time job during study is not proper. Some students even skip classes for sleeping.

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Second, students who are working part-time job will be distracted with extra money and freedom earned. The last disadvantage is they will not have leisure in their teens to play with their peers. Students should spend plentiful time and energy on their university courses.

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They are tending to waste money and time when they are working outside without their parents around. In some countries, laws were enforced to prevent high school students from working. They have not stabiles thinking yet.

Who knows you might even be able to gain some experience in the field s in which you wish to venture into upon your graduation. Schools have held a lot of activities for students such as extracurricular activities.

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The majority of the colleges in the United States does not accept undocumented student hopes of continuing education. Moreover, they will be distracted by the extra money and freedom they have earned.

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Second, students who do part-time jobs mostly isn't paid enough and their wage are very low. Present Today, teenage students, the world over, have been engaging in part time jobs, especially in the essay editorial nations.

We are afraid they will start to learn smoking, illegal racing and even getting drunk.

As a consequence, many problems come how to write a discussion thesis them. Thesis statement Although there are different views on this topic, I would like to state that it is a good idea for teenagers to take up part time jobs while they are students because they can learn about responsibility and punctuality; about the value of money and also learn how to work as a member of a team.

I have held that part-time job for three months. There will be bad impacts that mla dissertation title page be appear of your study process.

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Consequently, at the end of the semester she was failed in the final exam and she had to take that course again next quarter. Dan Crabtree, college and career counselor at Wheaton Academy in Illinois, explains that: Having a hobby is not only making them glad with themselves, it also leads to healthier lifestyle such as reading, cycling and cleaning. In their attempts to manage school, work and social life, students often find that something suffers- oftentimes it is the academic portion of their life that takes the hit.

Instead of it, you can get the limited time because a half of your time off used to work. Sat, March 23, Students should not work students should not work part time argumentative essay they are going to school Being a man who has two or more things to do in the same time is complicated.

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This initially leads students to give up pursuing their education to work at places that do not require a degree. There are many issues that college students have to face in order to attain a college degree. Many students feel a need to work in order to pay for their education, but this can have mixed effects.

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In fact, some students cannot manage their time while they have another job instead of their main activity as a student. This means they need to attend classes from early morning until afternoon.

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But the majority of these college students fear is applying there choice of college. But, if they take part-time job, obviously they can't spend so much time on their university materials.

Plan your time wisely. The increase in tuition has caused more students to seek extra sources of income in order to pay for school. I really wanted to sleep until lunch time.

Essay Students Should Work Part-Time While in College

The major thing that working students should keep in mind is the importance of balance. Some high school students may find it an appealing thought being able to immediately generate an income after graduation due to on-the-job training, but studies have shown that college educated workers tend to be more successful and earn a better pay than non-college educated employees.

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For instance, girls will buy stuff like trendy dress and expensive students should not work part time argumentative essay that they do not need in their age fully. As a part-time worker, their schedules are not regular mla dissertation title page well organized. All the students require to have free time; that is, they should allocate part of their times for hobbies and all other activities that they application letter for work experience certificate.

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Working part-time in Malaysia. They can easily miss some important parts of study that high school is trying to equip them. Secondly, a part-time job would occupy high school student a lot of time, which should be used to learn useful knowledge and living skills in class without worries of work force and society problems.

Wednesday, March 2, Title: As far as I'm concerned its not worthwhile to allot their time to such a cheap work.

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This is extremely dangerous that some students choose to have a part-time job instead of focusing on study. In other words, from my point of view, its not advisable for students to do work and study simultenously because of three main reasons. In those three months, my study was awful. Worst of all is when they are giving up in their studies and decide to work as their priorities.

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Some of them will work till late at night and neglect their studies as well. Part-time job is preventing them from having fun at school or even home.

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As a matter of fact, they should set several hours every day to study their lessons profoundly and do their assingments closely in order to take case study kraft australia of university and become successful. This is because they cannot pay attention in the class and cannot perform well in their examination.