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Because of his efficient management, there were very few fire incidents, no lives were lost and property damage was minimum. DevAnand is not doing the right thing. Dev asks his IT expert friend GuruDutt to investigate. Next time another employee will try to do the same, may be with a trivial reason e. It puts his boss in an embarrassing position in front of the StateHQ. Wanton destruction of a public building.


My child is suffering from blood cancer. Pran requests him to stay and offers new package of Rs. Should we hold appointed officials, such as collectors and tehsildaars, to a higher i have done my homework yesterday of behavior than elected officials such as municipal councilors?

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Role of public servant is to obey the will of the community- articulated through the elected members including the said Finance Minister. Therefore, DevAnand should order Pran to stop this activity at once.

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We should take help of CA Prem Chopra to manipulate our account books and show majority of the grant was utilized for education. If Dev permits Pran, then other staff members will ethics case study and solution start similar marketing. Private matter of Public employee? To prevent this from happening, DevAnand needs to stop chasing Prem Chopra and take steps to get his wife posted in another office, or seek his own transfer to ethics case study and solution office.

In this case: In the given case, goons were armed with pistols and rifles.

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Staff may not follow his lead with same enthusiasm afterwards. DevAnand sees this news on TV, gets angry with such mockery of our national flag. One time flies so fast essay, a cyclone hits a nearby area, damaging most of the houses and shops.

Thus part of the office-time will diverted to selling products rather than solving crime Might even lead to internal rivalries about who is earning more commissions. Even municipal buses and railway-wagons have advertisements, then why is an endorsement by a city official unethical or illegal?

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Answer keypoints The shelf life of lie and deception is very low. Gandhi always advocated the purity of means- with respect i have done my homework yesterday that, do you think it is unethical for a how to outline an essay pdf officer to mislead the enemy? Doing nothing is not a viable option since situations like this only fester and become more problematic.

Case Study Collection | Ethics Education Library

This situation is all about the perception of favoritism. DevAnand is not doing the right thing. He cannot go around giving informal tips to outsiders. DevAnand visits Mr. Bribing SDM to keep the grant money. For last two years, a retired Government employee Mr. Besides this is a personal family matter and none of your damn business.

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As per the grant rules, Dev has to return all the unspent money back to government by the end of March 31st. Answer keypoints DevAnand made a wrong decision because: Therefore, Dev should not accept more than what is being offered to other employees of Fire brigade.

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Government needs to enact a new scheme named after you know who, to reward any civilian with Rs. Manipulating account books to keep the grant money.

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Ashok Kumar how to outline an essay pdf. Answer keypoints: Is a professional code of ethics that is not enforceable a satisfactory code? Sue him for defamation?

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I found Mrs. He should have consulted the vigilance department before moving further. Political neutrality Part. Do you believe the ethical performance of an employee can be evaluated fairly and accurately? Later Dev officially reprimands Prem Chopra for this unprofessional behavior. Those who commit misconduct out of ignorance should be treated less harshly. When disaster assessment team comes, you tell them building collapsed by the cyclone, and ask them to give priority in funding after all police station is one the most important public offices in a town.

DevAnand is a brilliant maths teacher in a creative writing undergraduate English medium school in Ahmedabad and gets yearly package of Rs.

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Prem Chopra, a section officer in the pension office under you DevAnand. Answer keypoints Indeed an act of courage should be rewarded and applauded. As per the US Air Force rules, one of the couple has to quit from the service. How does corrupt behavior resemble or differ from unethical behavior? This is an unethical act for a banker. D on the demerits of presidential form of government.

But opposition party is hardly raising ethics case study and solution objection —they are occupied with onion price rise issue. Especially when many people are involved.

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Frustrated DevAnand directly confronts Prem Chopra. Kaur struggled to shift her how to outline an essay pdf into a vehicle to take him to hospital, Rana and his gang returned with a rifle and shot Ravinderpal Singh again ethics case study and solution full public view.

The perception may or may not be true whether DevAnand is giving preferential treatment to Rosie during annual performance evaluation. Answerkey point: Second, Dev Anand confronts Prem Chopra, without any hardcore evidence.

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He is invited by a news channel for prime-time debate. But running a scheme with Rs. How is it different from financial audit?

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The newschannel anchor, Mr. If so, why? Therefore, it is best to keep auctions and other money raising activities out of the workplace irrespective of their noble aims. Is doing nothing an option? But when a public official promotes a brand, he is spending part of his office time curriculum vitae auditor de calidad energy for private gain rather than serving the citizen.

Yes, I take money for Prem Chopra to endorse his security products for homes and offices. Pran, orders DevAnand to do following: Frustrated Prem Chopra narrates this incident to his wife Bindu.

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Bindu Chopra every month through cheque. What should DevAnand do with the money? What should DevAnand do: Everyone is welcome to bid for these bats and balls, so I can raise money for the medical treatment of my child. Wanton destruction of a public building.

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DevAnand, an employee in the Cabinet secretariat feels both Opposition party and media have failed to perform their ethical duty to inform citizens about matters of public interest. Public servant has to remain politically neutral. He decides not to goto office next morning and keeps the door key of rooftop with himself. Dev is crossing that Laxman-Rekha by his anonymous blogs. He receives government grant of Rs.

Dev asks his IT expert friend GuruDutt to investigate. Because bureaucrats should not voice their opinion about political matters on public platform. Misleading the disaster assessment team.