DT Coursework By D. Henwood.

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This should include defining requirements, analysing the design brief and specifications along with the testing and evaluating of ideas produced during the generation and development stages. Students should review both throughout the project. DT Coursework. Detailed investigation into the work of others that has influenced ideas. Analysis of this information.


Students will be awarded marks for the quality of their prototype s and how it addresses the design brief and design specification based on a contextual challenge.

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Section F: Explain what the results mean. This could take you back one or several stages so that some process can be adjusted before going forward again. Generating design ideas 20 marks Students should explore a range of possible ideas linking to the contextual challenge selected. Some quality control is evident through measurement and testing.

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  • Fully detailed manufacturing specification is produced with comprehensive justification to inform manufacture.
  • Experimentation is sufficient to generate a range of ideas.
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Explain what each means Explain dt coursework evaluation one you would use Show how you would modify your design business plan template for healthcare services order that it would be more suitable for commercial production. Excellent modelling, using a wide variety of methods to test their design ideas, fully meeting all requirements.

Concept Modelling Confirmation of the problem: DT Coursework 12 Development - Variations Take your best three ideas and on separate pages sketch variations, including: You need to: Extensive evidence that investigation of design possibilities has taken place throughout the project with excellent justification and understanding of possibilities identified.

Writing an Evaluation

Tesco case study developing appropriate leadership styles aim should be to make the flowchart as clear and simple as possible. Section D: Questionnaire or case study results.

Extensive experimentation and excellent communication is evident, using a wide range of techniques. Who is affected by the problem? Students will develop at least one model, however marks will be awarded for the suitability of the model s and not the quantity produced.

Basic design specification has minimal detail.

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What are the main advantages or disadvantages compared to similar products? Basic investigation into the work should i paste cover letter in email others that has not been used to inform their ideas.

Students will not be awarded for the quantity of design ideas but how well their ideas address the contextual challenge selected. Section E: Their final prototype s will also undergo a range of tests on which the final evaluation will be formulated.

Detailed reference is made to any modifications either proposed or undertaken. Some investigation into the work of others that has had some influence on their ideas.

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Basic experimentation and communication is evident, using a limited number of techniques. Detailed quality control is evident to ensure the prototype is mostly accurate through partial application of tolerances.

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The prototypes will have suitable finish with functional and aesthetic qualities, where appropriate. Detailed investigation into the work of others that has influenced ideas.

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What sort of thing could I design to solve the problem? Limited design focus and understanding of the impact on society including; economic and social effects. A simple chart might help.

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Largely detailed manufacturing specification is produced with good justification to inform manufacture. Make sure you include their opinions. Tests and experiments: DT Coursework 10 Initial Ideas DT Coursework You must show the examiner a range of initial ideas — this means there must be at least 9 and that they must all be different.

There case study blockbuster vs netflix different, specific symbols for each stage of the process.

Assessment objectives

Ideas have been generated, taking into account on-going investigation that is relevant and focused. Good analysis and evaluation at most stages of the project that influences the design brief and the design and manufacturing specifications.

Evaluating Ideas - DYCA DT Basic use of a single design strategy.

Very little influence on subsequent design stages. Things your product has to be able to do Things your product needs to achieve.

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Good design focus and understanding of the impact on society including; economic and social effects. Excellent design focus and full understanding of the impact on society including; economic and social effects.

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Final Specification using Research Make the Packaging! Ideas generated taking little or no account of investigations carried out.

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Make the Product! Effective use of different design strategies for different purposes as an approach to designing.

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Project Specific Research, e. Experimentation is sufficient to generate a range of ideas. Mark band Description 16 — 20 Imaginative, creative and innovative ideas have been generated, fully avoiding design fixation and with full consideration of functionality, aesthetics and innovation.