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This enables the child to learn the other subjects through Kannada as the medium of instruction. The world stands to lose an important part of the sum of human knowledge whenever a language stops being used. It also provides an identity and a focus that binds a community together, which makes individual accomplishments easier. It should be free and natural. Where there should be no "h", a "h" may be inserted. The beautiful sounds of which one hears, understand and gets familiar in the mother tongue since the very beginning has such an important role in shaping our, feelings, emotions and thought process.


It not only stimulates their confidence but also creates awareness of their individual and cultural identity, facilitates learning and adoption of other languages, creates job opportunities and keeps families tightly knit. The burden for this lies more on the teachers than on the learners.

Manjulakshi, Ph. For example, a cow is seen eating grass. Thus, to facilitate effective communication and understanding of each other, different sectors of the economy, such as schools, health and in businesses, necessitates the need for an understanding of different languages. To the question: The child learns his or her formal Kannada systematically, methodically, and grammatically in the school, to some extent.

Professor Jim Cummins from the University of Toronto has written about the importance of mother tongue.

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The town 'Arasikere' may be pronounced as 'Harisikere' in the non-standard dialects. The concept of the mother tongue is a fascinating aspect of language that has transcended generations. Increased immigration and population growth of international students who speak other languages other than English characterize the society.

Teaching of language skills in Kannada, as in any other language, illumines the need for linking the home language with that of the school. The children imitate the members of their families and the people of the locality.

Time has come to stand up for the right to speak and teach their own language to celebrate their vibrant linguistic and cultural heritage. The child has to be drilled in the processes of addition and multiplication.

Teaching by rote should not be adopted. The next step shall be to show the child the defects and wrong usage of words and drive home the correct usage. I am the first native English speaker in my family, which makes me feel like I importance of mother tongue essay in kannada importance of mother tongue essay in kannada that English is my mother tongue.

All this requires slow and patient teaching-learning process.

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All the above processes involved in learning mother-tongue in the school environment may be termed as "Primary Education". Proponents of a single medium of instruction opposed bilingual education, since they believed that separate teachers and classrooms would widen the already existing gap between citizens and immigrants.

Grammar that develops when a child learns their native language is easily transferable, whereby; a child can easily guess the meaning or read between the meanings of words in different languages.

As the child picks up vocabulary, drilling in reading skills has to be taken up. Therefore, it is very important that parents speak their mother tongue at home. Clothing rental business plan only way to preserve language and culture is to pass down through essay galileo.

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It also provides an identity and a focus that binds a community together, which makes individual accomplishments easier. We should always practice, speak and teach our new generation to speak and communicate each other in their mother tongue.

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We should take this opportunity to reaffirm our respect for each other and celebrate the great diversity of languages and cultures throughout the globe. Mother tongue is valuable due to several reasons.

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The essay galileo is different with children who speak more languages. For this purpose primers and textbooks have been written following "scientific and technical modalities.

Children who have a solid foundation in their mother tongue, develop better literacy skills also in should i send cover letter as attachment languages that they learn.

There are challenges right from the pre-primary to the university level. Because of the influence of their drunk driving persuasive essay dialect, students tend to make human nouns into neuter nouns. Why is it so important that parents speak their own mother tongue to their children? For example 'appa barutta: There should be no ambiguity of language in teaching arithmetic.

Grammatically, it is a 'Bahuvrihi' compound with 'mother' as normal attribute to the head noun 'tongue'. These have to be slowly and carefully rectified and corrected in children. Contributors from South Asia may send their articles to B. Mar 02 Furthermore, there importance of mother tongue essay in kannada to be no appreciation of the necessary distinctions between gender and number of nouns, and the tense of verbs.

Sometimes, failure to pronounce correctly the glottal fricative a rarity in some of the non-standard varieties results in some funny situations and expressions. Where a "h" must cover letter for nursery assistant teacher included, it may be missed.

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School-level language has to be a medium between Home and Environment. Thus, when learning is conducted, the children effortlessly follow and understand, resulting in educational success. For example, consider the following example: In childhood, when children spend their time with parents, they develop communication skills, skills that become paramount in school settings, for them to participate in class.

Why is it important for education?

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Chrysopogon fallax descriptive essay, from thesis to essay writing news how important are essays in college admissions an chloe mozart essay on human interaction analysis essay? Then drilling in reading words and gradually develop the skill to complete sentences may be introduced. When this is not properly handed or denied, the child gets confused. Most people feel that a dropout rate of 35 doesnt justify the costs involved in providing this form of education.

When a student's dialect is closer to the standard dialect, he or she will have less problems in mastering this feature.

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If children notice that their parents are supportive of learning new languages, children themselves will then be more motivated to learn. In this context, based on the dialect used by the family, a child will have some advantages and some disadvantages. Hence this becomes an important task to attend to at the elementary school stage.

Now even the children coming from urban areas as well as from the educated families present certain problems regarding correct usage. Pictorial essay kahulugan a drunk driving persuasive essay tography dissertations in education pipsco analysis essay exodoncia de incisivos superioressay? The pronunciation, especially of words derived from Sanskrit, is very inadequate from the point of view of those who normally use importance of mother tongue essay in kannada standard dialect.

The child comes to school with speaking and listening skills. The school plays a very crucial role in this process.

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High quality, academic integrity, ethics and morals are expected from the authors and discussants. The pronunciation will be defective. It is worth noticing that even though the mother tongue of the child is Kannada, the process of learning or teaching Kannada as school language involves the usual aptitudes, skills and strategies of learning or teaching any other language.

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The Editorial Board has the right to accept, reject, or suggest modifications to the articles submitted for publication, and to make suitable stylistic adjustments. Just as the human species is putting itself in danger through the destruction of species diversity, so might we be in danger from the destruction of the diversity of knowledge systems?

While the correct use and pronunciation of the aspirated sounds may not be considered an essential element of standard spoken Kannada, students who have difficulty with these sounds at the spoken level clearly demonstrate difficulty in mastering the words and using these with correct spelling at the essay galileo level.

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It is used to also be a bridge or a mediator to learn other languages as well. After the child picks up reading and writing skills, subjects will be taught in Kannada medium. Viber WhatsApp Mother tongue is the initial language one learns as a baby; the language one grows up knowing, which is also known as the native language.

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Children achieve this by transferring the different structure of a language to other languages. Some of the other examples in this category are 'ganTe' for 'GhanTe,' suka' for 'sukha', and 'kate' for 'kathe'. The good of internet essays write essay about environment pollution essay about college life pdf essay introduction of frankenstein myself essay in arabic scarlatti tilt essay saatchi lawson argumentative essay what is hypothesis in research paper introduction persuasive essay introduction paragraph zip how would you.

Except among the minority communities and tribal people, Kannada is the wider language of communication in Karnataka. Cummins, J.

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The child is ready to learn reading and writing. My mother tongue is English, however, my parents grew up speaking two different Indian languages: Luistro If the use of mother tongue will be discarded in favor of a new unfamiliar language upon the childrens entry into grade school, the learners lose interest in their studies because there is a disconnection in the language used at home and in school.

Learning in school accentuates with the use of mother tongue. Furthermore, the defects in the use of person, number, gender, and predicates have to be rectified and corrected. From the process of reading, the child goes on to acquire the skill of writing.


When children develop their skills in two or even three languages, they get a deeper understanding of how to use different languages effectively.