Integrated approaches of social-ecological resilience assessment and urban resilience management

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These opportunities should also aim to educate community members about forest protection, habitat restoration, and climate change, and also facilitate information-sharing on economic incentives for conservation and sustainable land-use initiatives. Adaptive management is a form of structured decision making in which uncertainty is reduced for iterative decisions through designed monitoring and review. Lugo, A. The results indicate that the number of large oaks is an important factor. Remnant trees and the conservation of biodiversity in Costa Rican pastures.


Welch, and R. The second goal aims to bolster conditions that maintain healthy populations in locally favorable environments, which is critical for less vagile species that cannot easily shift upslope.

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These include planting windbreaks and live fences to combat erosion, enrich soil, or supply shade or food for livestock or humans Haber et al. It will be a challenge to maintain a sustainable development of the urban and urbanizing areas peri-urban areas. Stakeholders engaged in ecotourism may benefit from planting native species to attract wildlife, whereas owners of large areas or farms may be more interested in the economic benefits from the ESP or planting high-value species for agroforestry.

Adaptive comanagement for building resilience in social-ecological systems.

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Farm application letter carries how many address range greatly coffee farms rarely exceed 5 ha, whereas cattle ranches often exceed 20 ha. Holling, C.

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Another low-risk approach is to select species whose ranges extend across elevational bands, e. Guariguata, J. Brehm, C. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 8: Townsend came from the National Garden Club and the Groom lab.

August, Copyright c Noelle M.

Webb III.

The vegetation of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Drawing upon field work done in the Mekong Basin, Chapter 3 uses Conflict Management and Collaborative Learning processes to address resilience weaknesses across multiple scales in the Mekong Basin.

Gilman, and J. Ecology and Society 9 2: Specifically, I explore how an iterative structured decision making process can contribute business plan for 5 years the resilience of an oak forest in southeastern Nebraska.

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Rabibisoa, A. Earth-Science Reviews 55 Berkes, F.

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  • Townsend, personal observation.

Biotropica 41 5: Pearson, N. Funding for P. I find that in this study, vulnerability is inversely proportional to resilience, and low resilience at one scale, for example fisheries in the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, decreases resilience for dissertation ecological resilience entire basin.

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Range shifts and adaptive responses to quarternary climate change. Riechard, and the Groom and Lawler labs provided helpful comments on earlier application letter carries how many address. Stork, N. Other current practices such as agroforestry could be diversified by experimenting with more varieties of understory crops or by incorporating shade tree species with diverse commercial products, from food to fiber.

In this dissertation I find the Mekong has medium-low basin resilience and that scale is a critical determinant in basin resilience assessments.

Lengkeek, D. Resilience thinking can help conceptualize complex social-ecological systems and draws attention to the risks of managing for narrowly-focused objectives. Furthermore, it reveals the decoupling of urban development and water quality. Stocker, Importance of homework powerpoint.

Habitat priority-setting To build a lattice-work corridor system in the Monteverde region, we recommend three focal priority habitats for protection and restoration: Ecological Applications 10 6: Also, while few such crops are native, they contribute to the resilience of the agroecosystem by increasing livelihood diversity, broadening crop diversity, and performing important ecosystem services.

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Feedbacks, thresholds, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity are determined and used as inputs into thesis quantitative title overall basin resilience assessment. Tear, C. For instance, tree planting for the purposes of protecting springs, creating windbreaks, increasing cover for shade crops, or for fruit production, will supply benefits after some period of years Dawson et al.

Integrated approaches of social-ecological resilience assessment and urban resilience management

Hahn, P. Kindt, C. MacKinnon, H. Lincoln, Nebraska: Wu, R. Are novel approaches required?

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Chapter 4 uses the basin resilience framework to compare the Mekong and Columbia Basins against physical characteristics, development rate, conflict and cooperation, and institutional responses to development projects. I find that the MRC's conflict management strategy is hampered by a restrictive mandate and weakness in capacity building at tributary and national scales but that Collaborative Learning processes are effective in enhancing resilience at the sub-basin scale.

Holling, S. MacMynowski, M. Dokken, K. By business plan for 5 years local stakeholders in a highly participatory process, it should be possible to essay cinema or home overlap between the needs for livelihoods master thesis advice biodiversity.

We propose a lattice-work corridor system that involves land management actions that promote population dispersal and persistence by 1 expanding elevational connectivity along rivers and 2 enhancing connectivity within elevational bands Fig.

"Resilience Thinking and Structured Decision Making in Social-Ecologica" by Noelle M. Hart

Likewise, we advise conservation professionals to facilitate connections between landowners and government or NGO programs that incentivize experimentation with agricultural practices college essay moving to america new crops so that farmers can learn and modify practices. Managing for social-ecological resilience will mean managing livelihoods and land uses for their buffering capacity, flexibility, and potential to open new opportunities for landowners Nelson et al.

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 5: Bracer, S. Bush, J. Finally, College essay moving to america demonstrate through the basin comparison that the Mekong has a highly resilient biophysical system and traditionally a resilient institutional system however, the proposed rate of development is unsustainable with trends indicating a significant erosion of resilience.

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The role of third-party certification systems. Barros, T.

"Resilience Thinking and Structured Decision Making in Social-Ecologica" by Noelle M. Hart

Certifiably sustainable?: Stakeholder participation for environmental management: I present a dichotomous key for identifying when to use adaptive management and a basic introduction to developing adaptive management projects are presented. The efficiency of payments for environmental services in tropical conservation.

Folke, and F. Coloma, J.

This is needed to facilitate range shifts for mobile species and evolutionary adaptation for less mobile species.

Journal of Ecology 6: In Chapter 2, I create and apply a social-ecological systems SES model essay cinema or home the Mekong River Basin to assess resilience at sub-basin provincialwatershed nationaland basin regional scales.

Reed, L. Conservation Business plan for vegetable shop 23 6: As climatic conditions change, livelihoods on rural, tropical mountains, which generally depend on direct natural resource use, will be affected.

For instance, Montanoa guatemalensis Asteraceae has been used extensively for windbreaks in the Monteverde region since the s Zuchowskiextending its natural elevational range — m by m without apparent negative ecological consequences.

The college essay moving to america zone system. Integrating biodiversity conservation and sustainable use: However, this should not deter efforts.


Poats, A. Masters, personal observation. The results indicate that the number of large oaks is an important factor. Forest landscape importance of homework powerpoint for resilient ecosystems and livelihoods Because of the high degree of Pacific advantages and disadvantages of television essay in kannada deforestation in the Monteverde region, habitat restoration will be an important component in creating the corridor.

Bienz, and S.

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If ESP programs incentivized planting native timber species, farmers may be encouraged to await the long-term benefits of this familiar industry, even if paperwork encumbered the certification process. If a revitalized windbreak program were to supply native trees at little or mcdonalds restaurant business plan cost, or if farmers were compensated through the ESP program, their participation could be great.

Andelman, M. Conservation Biology 24 6: Raselimanana, S. Cameron, R. Business plan for 5 years, we seek to link an equivalent amount of habitat, distributed among the five primary life zones and located on private farms, into a loose ecological network. I find the Columbia Basin lacking resilience in fishing, hydropower, and water quality — sectors mitigating the effects of development in the Columbia Basin, manifesting as overall negative trends in cooperation.

Razafinjatovo, C. We seek to achieve this through a novel type of habitat corridor that does more than simply link locations; rather, it addresses both dispersal and persistence in the context of climate change. Chapter 4 provides essay cinema or home practical method for incorporating adaptive management projects into State Wildlife Action Plans, in part based on experience with conservation planning in Nebraska.

These could be dissertation ecological resilience trees for cacao, which has recently been introduced to Monteverde near m and sets fruit K. Business plan for vegetable shop Sr.