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I was, quite surprisingly, calm and perhaps even a little confident, something that was nice to have despite the fact that I knew, subconsciously, I was a giant ball of nerves waiting to be unravelled. Advice There is not much you could prepare for prior to the interviews besides knowing the current happenings in the world by reading more news. Students are allowed to choose from the list of technical and non-technical sponsored programmes to pursue in the future.


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It was mad, my parents were extremely angry at me especially when they noticed that ALL documents needed pengesahan and the only thing I sahkan was my mom's surat pengesahan tidak bekerja. Despite the fact that I walked into write a good college application essay campus filled with dread and fear, I have to say that I did have a good time there. We were separated into 4 groups, and I was in group B.

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  • Petronas Youngstars Day - An awesome scholarship opportunity

Then we had the critical thinking tests, one full of texts, one full of diagrams. They don't bite.

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The death day interview day: Out of around who came on that day, only approx were qualified for the interviews, and the rest were to go home. Consequences as said prior. It was a tuna sandwich and tasted like heaven.

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So then we were given time to eat and pray but I didn't eat so sad cause tak sempat so I just prayed. It was fun; we were exposed to Petronas as a corporation, and we were told of the good prospect that we would get once we received a Petronas scholarship.

The group interview was a failure as well.

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Whoa Michelle, that was deep. Atmosphere at the interview The interviewers were really nice and friendly but also serious at the same time, especially during the first individual interview when they questioned me about the case study.

Besides, you no essay scholarships for minorities speak up and be an outstanding candidate during the group interview instead of just sitting there and listening to your other team members.

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Everyone was hungry especially interviewers because the time was stretched too far it was the first day, their time management sucks. The assessment was quite simple compared to other interviews that I've been to.

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This is based on my own personal experience. I will work for the same company with no option to quit. Nevertheless, I'm hoping for the best in which I can contribute back to my parents and nation.

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Later after the speech we were bundled into a 6th grade research paper format room while Group A people had their interviews. The Malay guy sitting beside me was from Terengganu, he was quite nice but couldn't speak History extended essay introduction fluently, so Your homework po angielsku had a hard time understanding.

When I received the offer, I was ecstatic. Assalamualaikum w. As my first choice for my intended field of study was finance, I, unlike Amani and the other candidates who were opting for engineering courses, only had to take the math test, as opposed to their math and science test. They were not SPM-kind of questions and you can answer any way you know as long as the answer is right.

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Life was pretty good there, and Petronas, albeit the struggle that we had trying to get them to increase our monthly allowance, treated us well. We were brought research proposal cyber crime KDU computer lab and started the test.

Individual interview first, so we went in one-by-one. Regardless of study duration, your bond with Petronas is only 5 years. I was surprised that my groupmates liked my idea so we went with it.

I am constantly investigating new technology and making suggested updates as needed.

The Verbal Test would just have some high level English questions where you would be required to look for answers really fast write a good petronas scholarship interview case study application essay passages long ones. So then my dad sped the car off to Taylor's Lakeside Campus. Each group has 4 — 6 people. Awesome, right? Obviously I did better in the texts, finished everything, and as for the diagrams I think I only did half of them.

Confessions: Petronas Young Stars Day - My First Interview!

My case study was about Corporate Social Responsibility and to me, it was quite hard but apa nak buat, hentam no essay scholarships for minorities lah. Mine was B13, but then changed to B You will have a specific role to play.

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In my group I was the only one who did not choose an engineering course as my 1st choice. The nasty part started last year, with my honors application. This depends on how you are divided on that day.

A girl came up to sit to my left, and we smiled at each other. When it was our turn my groupwe left to go to another room some distance away.

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Conclusion and moral: And the whole thing finished at 6. We were given half an hour to prepare and finally they sent us to another level where they were holding interviews in separate rooms.

There are people who are influenced by the products which are placed in the counters of various supermarkets or departmental stores also those who are influenced by advertisements. It focuses on the mode of communication between a consumer and a brand.

And so on the morning of write a good college application essay young stars day, I re-checked my documents and suddenly noticed the online form needed a pengesahan from a pegawai divisyen 1. After that, we were led to the big hall again for lunch provided and names were plastered on the notice board to notify the candidates that passed the tests.

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There will be two interview stages in a day. And my parents shouted at me and stuff and I just cried and cried.

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  • XYUENX: Petronas Scholarship Interview
  • Like wow.
  • Alhamdulillah, I was in time to register.
  • In the meantime, I am not allowed to apply for another permanent job.

It was 7 and that was the time we were supposed to leave. For the group assessment, we were sort to groups consisting of five people and we were given a study case. It was a proud no essay scholarships for minorities for my whole family, and I felt a sense of accomplishment. Best viewed using Google Chrome.

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You would see many different faces who are all set to give it at a go at a chance to obtain a scholarship from Petronas to either study locally or in another country. There were so many people. Good luck! I remember that I had to present about the traffic woes in KL and I came up with some ways to tackle the issue.

It was the end of

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