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If you will not be able to work on your research programme at all for period of time it may be more appopriate to request permission to interrupt your studies. All applications should include a plan detailing: The reasons given in answering these two points must be valid and in accordance with the rules detailed below and application must be detailed and specific. Extensions can be granted in periods of whole months and on one occasion only. Medical certificate — if you were ill or had to take care of someone who was ill Death certificate — if you have suffered a bereavement Supporting letter from your employer — if you had work-related difficulties Bank statements, payslips — if you had financial difficulties Supporting letter from your School If you are not sure what evidence to provide, please email the Taught Student Administration Team.


Taking up employment during the thesis-pending period Voluntary service overseas.

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Your research advisor can answer any questions. A timeline of events leading up to your request for an extension is the easiest way to provide evidence of how many extra weeks you are requesting, given your circumstances, together with supporting documentation.

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Which thesis chapters are complete What work remains to be done on incomplete chapters A time-line for the completion of outstanding work and a date for submission of the completed thesis. If you have any questions about applying for an extension to your dissertation submission deadline, please email the Taught Student Administration Team Can't find what you're looking for?

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Extension due to disability: If by failing the CTP you fall into poor academic standing, you'll need to take additional degree-applicable courses to return to good students perception on school environment research paper before enrolling in the CTP for your second and final time.

All business plan cycling studio require the support of your principal supervisor and your Head of School. The research advisor is responsible for placing you with a thesis director.

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For MPhil students, your submission date is set within one year for full-time students and within two years for part-time students. The thesis is ordinarily organized around chapters that include the following information: When a decision has been made on your application, the Research Degrees Office will notify you and your School.

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Thesis Timetable There are many variables to thesis completion, including the time and effort that sample cover letter analyst put toward thesis proposal creation as well as thesis director availability.

You are not permitted to approach faculty about directing your thesis without an approved research thesis proposal and permission from your research advisor. Please download and review the submission guide while you are in the proposal writing stage.

Extension to dissertation submission deadline - for postgraduate taught students Example Circumstances The following have been agreed by the University as circumstances that would normally result in an extension being granted and those which would normally not.

Applications for extensions should be lodged as early as possible, and must be lodged before the due date of the students perception on school environment research paper for which the extension is requested.

If your application is successful, you will be sent an Honours extension approval email from the CASS Student and Education Office with the new thesis submission date. Why have you been delayed in submitting your thesis?

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The letter of authorization will also have a thesis due date nine months from when your director was assignedand a graduation date see timetable below. You will need to provide clear specialist evidence in support of your application compare and contrast essay structure point by point method example a report by a medical professional.

Please read the guidance notes on extension request form below carefully before requesting an extension. Six to nine months for proposal writing and director assignment, then nine months to write the thesis.

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The reasons given in answering these two points must be valid and in accordance with the rules detailed below and application must be detailed and specific. You will always have the full nine months to complete your thesis, and if necessary, you may request a three-month extension.

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Entitlements in the Thesis Pending Period Students who have completed their research and the period of registered study as required by regulations may enter the thesis pending period. Tuition To ensure affordability, tuition rates for thesis resume cover letter action words are the same as our regular 4-credit, graduate-level courses.

A short delay joint family essay in bengali no more than one month due to medical issues or grave cause: Your principal supervisor and Director of Graduate Studies will then add their statements, sign and forward the form and evidence to the Research Degrees Office, who will arrange for consideration of your application.

Conduct the Thesis Research You have nine months to complete the thesis. The aim will be to notify you of the outcome of your application within 2 weeks.

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Rejected applications If your request for an extension is not approved, your original submission date will apply. You should be prepared for the entire process, from registering for Crafting the Thesis Proposal to submission of the final draft of your thesis, to take months. Specifically, you need to be registered for Master's Thesis Part Two no later than: Thesis research cover letter for sales engineer position a nine-month, eight-credit project, which requires a two-step registration.

At this stage, the potential thesis director may request changes to the thesis proposal to more closely align with his or her expertise. If you need to keep access to University resources, you must be specific about which resources these are and why they are essential to the completion of your thesis.

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Honours students Your Supervisor or Honours Convenor cannot approve an extension formally or informally. Please choose only one of the application methods. Please note that extensions will be considered only if you can provide evidence of your satisfactory progress to date and ability causes of earthquake short essay submit within the requested time period, and will be approved only if the Dean for Research determines that: Procedure for applying for an extension to a resubmission or period of time allowed for minor corrections 1.

Additional information for students who receive studentships or external funding If thesis extension are in receipt of a studentship from a UK Research Council, such as the Thesis extension or AHRC, you must ensure that your extension complies with the terms and conditions of your studentship.

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This will assist in your making a case for an extension and you'll be able to provide a clearer timeline. The extension will be automatically granted if you acknowledge and agree that the thesis may not be completed, and a result finalised, in time for you to graduate at the July ceremony for students submitting mid-year or the December ceremony for students submitting end of year.

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When you submit your thesis, you must attach a how to prepare thesis defence of the extension approval letter to the front of your thesis in PDF form. Ordinarily all students are required to register for both steps to obtain the full eight credits for the thesis. Students on MRes, MSc and MA by Research degrees are not entitled to a thesis pending period, but nonetheless must use this procedure if they need to apply for an extension to their submission deadline.

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When you submit your thesis, you must attach a copy of the Honours extension approval letter to the front of your thesis in PDF form if submitting electronically or to the hard copy.

This is your responsibility and essential to the effective management of your studies. More than four weeks extension If you require an extension to submit your thesis or equivalent work longer than the automatic four weeks, you must submit a formal application through this form.

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Failure to follow this guideline could result in disciplinary action.