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One of her sources described how an Indian was executed for trying to escape, and she used that incident as the catalyst that drove her narrator to a breaking point. Set some goals. A student-written paper about color psychology provides an authentic model of a scaffold and the corresponding finished paper.


Because students had to tell their story as a first-person narrator, removing the possibility of plagiarism from their finished product, they generated a successful piece of writing using their own words.

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Includes pre-writing, how research paper unit plan find appropriate sources, taking notes, writing body paragraphs using the "research sandwich" method, outlining, introductions and conclusions, revising, group work, MLA formatting, avoiding plagiarism and group work. The finished product must include the following in this order: We didn't have a plain paper with a bunch of facts; we had a story that we got to figure out how to write.

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All mistakes are penalized. There are 65 pages of teacher notes, handouts, worksheets, activities and examples, all in an easy-to-follow progression.

I utilized the text book and web sources. For this day I found another article in the text book about epic poems.

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They aren't serious, are they? That night I happened to encounter a pitiful Cherokee family of four being struck and prodded with bayonets by soldiers.

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Research papers made easy! Step 3: Step 8: I got many strange looks while eating razors and drinking cow urine.

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Their acquired skills are the skills of forger or plagiarist, not those of the artist, writer, or inventor. This handout guides students in researching and organizing the information they need for writing their research paper.

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Sander's room so her focus was his murder. It was interesting to figure out a perspective and narrator for our story.

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Shelly commented that she learned more because she had to actually put herself there. Each dominos case study now has 4 pages of notes, all with the correct MLA citation. They don't stand a dominos case study.

Received items are then moved to a storage area or directly to the shipping area.

I'm sure I'll continue to tweak a few of the logistics, but overall I expect the project to stay as it is. Includes these individual products: When I examined the notes, however, I found that most students basically had the same information, so I concluded that they had to sift through their facts and evaluate them to determine their relevance to their narrator's point of view.

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On our way there, I uncomfortably noticed the surrounding chaotic round-ups; screaming mothers begged troops to let them find their children while bayonets ruthlessly slashed and jabbed all unmercifully.

Put together the works cited page.

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